• Jill

Personal Growth?

Can you relate to this? I found myself in the “Personal Growth” section of a bookstore the other day just looking for something to catch my eye. As I started browsing the books I became extremely overwhelmed and anxious with the number of books I found. I stood in the middle of the aisle with books surrounding me saying “Pick me. I can help you personally grow”.

As I started to peruse the books (starting with the first A arthur) I wondered how many people have come to this section of the bookstore without a plan about what books they wanted and have felt so overwhelmed and frustrated that they just turned and left. All we want to find is that one book that we can relate to. The one book that will change our life for the better and instead we leave feeling worse than when we arrived.

Now, I may be over analyzing things (as I usually do) and most people probably wouldn’t feel that way, but there are a few people (myself included) that would feel anxious going into a situation like that.

After, I calmed down, I regrouped and changed my perspective on what I wanted to accomplish. I went there looking to buy a book and turned it into a research project. I found titles that interested me, took notes on my phone, and did research on them later to see if the arthur and book were the right fit for me. If you see other patrons in the section with you, you can ask what they are getting but keep in mind what they are looking for may not be the same thing you are looking for. Everyone is different.

In the end, don’t give up on finding books to help you grow because you get overwhelmed about the amount of material that is out there. You are not alone. Just take the time and do the research because you will find something that is right for you!